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Rogue Theatrics is now presenting Alan Ball’s 1993 comedy, “Five Women Wearing the Same Dress.”

Reminiscent of the 80s hit, “Steel Magnolias,” the play is set in the South (Knoxville, TN) and focuses on the lives of 5 women who have convened to serve as bridesmaids for “Tracey Marlowe,” a character whom we actually never see.

It turns out that none of the women actually like the bride, so the action takes place in the bedroom of the bride’s pot-smoking sister, “Meredith,” (played by Brittany Cox), where the women take refuge from the on-going reception, and lament the ugly dress that the bride has forced them to wear.

In addition to Meredith, we also meet “Georgeanne” (played by Sarah Rose Nottingham), who used to be the bride’s ugly sidekick in high school, and who is now an unhappy wife married to a man she never really loved.

There is also “Trisha” (played by Emilyrose Frasca), the wild woman of the bunch who used to be good friends with the bride. “Trisha” has had lots of experience with partying and men, but has never found a man who measures up to her expectations.

Additionally, there is “Frances,” (played by Carrie Cates), the naive and hyper religious cousin to the bride.

And finally, there is “Mindy” (played by Marquicia Domingue), the groom’s lesbian sister.

The only male in the show is “Tripp Davenport” (played by Kyle Johnson), an usher at the wedding who falls for “Tricia.”

All in all, the actors do a good job interpreting their characters and maintaining the Tennessee accent, however the energy level seemed relatively low on opening night, and the comedy of the play didn’t really come out. There was much more a sense of melancholy that ran throughout the production than what I would have expected.

Perhaps it was due to the heavy issues brought up by the playwright himself, or perhaps it was due to the way that the characters were played, but the laughs and punch lines really weren’t there.

This is not to say that the actors weren’t believable, but for this to be a “comedy,” the show is sort of a downer.


“Five Women …” plays through March 17 at Theatre 4, on the 4th floor of the TPS studios.

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